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Anew You Skincare & Wellness Center » Testimonials


“I have always taken very good care of my skin, but despite my efforts Mother Nature and Father Time were taking their toll. Facial lines started to deepen, skin started to sag, negative changes in texture – – – – all of the ‘normal’ signs of aging for someone 55! Not wanting to solve this with a knife or needle, I started my mission to research what other options were available. This is when I discovered the ‘non surgical face lift’ treatment that Melissa Martin of Anew You Skin Care & Wellness Center in Avon CT offered. We met, she assessed my skin, and explained the treatment ………. ‘This treatment triggers chemical reactions at a cellular level to enhance the production of natural collagen and elastin and provides circulatory benefits, while lifting sagging muscles. Visible firming and smoothing of the skin and sculpting and contouring using non-surgical muscle re-education is the incredible cumulative result.’ I couldn’t wait to start. To start my treatment plan that she recommended an ‘Ultimate Microdermabrasion’ facial with glycolic peel to deeply cleanse the skin. Then one non-surgical face lift treatment per week for four consecutive weeks and then one treatment per month thereafter. This would ensure optimal results. I agreed to her recommendation. May I say, I couldn’t be happier! The treatments are relaxing………… soothing actually. The results were apparent after the first treatment – – – albeit subtle, but intensified with each treatment. Depth of wrinkles started to decrease, the elasticity was returning and the overall texture of my skin was noticeably improving. Friends and co-workers started commenting on how youthful my skin was looking. Music to my ears! A once-a-month treatment maintains the stimulation of collagen production and muscle re-education resulting in my skin looking its best!”

Carmel B.

“I love light therapy. Instead of taking prescription antibiotics or Accutane, light therapy is a great way for me to keep my skin clear – without any side effects. My dermatologist was very skeptical when I mentioned it to him, but after seeing how much clearer my skin was without oral medication, he agreed that light therapy is the best option for me.

I also tried Synergie series for the first time this summer. I definitely noticed smoother skin. I also started a weight training program at that time so I did not see a reduction in the circumference of my legs, but there was no dimpling. An added bonus is that it felt like a massage when my muscles were sore. I am now in the maintenance phase, but plan to go through the series again next summer.”

~ Caroline B.

“My decision to change my facial treatments to Anew You Skincare & Wellness Center was very beneficial for me. I met Melissa, who is a very warm, caring, sensitive, knowledgeable and talented Esthetician. The Spa offers many types of services in a quiet and relaxing environment. Since I have chosen to have facials, Melissa made treatment suggestions that were tailored to my individual needs. The results were spectacular.

As my facial needs changed, she has adjusted these treatments or added new ones, always providing different options for me to choose. Her suggestion that I use SkinCeutical products has made an amazing difference in my skin appearance and tone.

I must admit that changing my care to this Spa has definitely made me ‘A new person.'”

~ Barbara Deckers

Bells Palsy and Rosacea Successes at Anew You Skincare and Wellness Center

“Several years ago, I was afflicted with Bells Palsy. My doctor gave me some prescribed some medicine and physical therapy.

I was a client at Anew You Skincare at the time, and Melissa suggested I try the non-surgical facelift, since one of the uses mentioned in the manufacturer’s brochure was treating Bells Palsy.

I went to Anew You every week for a couple of months, and each time it was very clear that the procedure was tightening muscles and reactivating the nerves. I could see improvement after each session. The physical therapists were impressed, and said, ‘Whatever you’re doing, keep it up!’

There also was a bonus side-effect—my rosacea is under control and my daughter-in-law took a hard look at me one day and said, ‘Your skin looks so beautiful…can I ask you something? Did you have a facelift?!’

This treatment was just as effective or perhaps more effective than the $1500 dermatologist’s procedure.

It’s sort of a miracle story! I’ve been going to Anew You Skincare for more than six years, and people who don’t know how old I am are floored when I tell them my age. Floored.

I work in a stressful, high visibility job with lots of traveling. I walk in to Anew You and stress drops away in the incredible environment. Just going in makes me feel relaxed and healthy. They are geared toward the client and what will work. It’s very healing. They have a gift for helping us look good and feel good.”

~ Fay Lenz

“Recently visited Anew You for the first time with a friend. What a wonderful experience. Makes me kick myself for not trying it out earlier. As part of my spa day, i started with a wonderful facial from Melissa. What a warm, friendly person. It was probably one of the most relaxing, peaceful facial I’ve ever received.

After my facial, I had a massage with Jen. Also very relaxing. I appreciated the quiet environment and getting my full 60 minutes worth.

Yes, I will definitely return and would highly recommend Anew You to anyone wanting to pamper themselves and friends.”

~Phyllis W.

“I visited Anew You Skincare & Wellness for my annual spa day birthday gift to myself. I normally don’t book two treatments at a spa I’ve never been to, much less one that doesn’t have many reviews online. But, I took my chances and the spa gods rewarded me well.

From the moment I entered the serene space, I knew I had found a hidden gem. Melissa, the owner and esthetician, greeted me warmly and introduced me to Jennifer, my massage therapist. Both women have calm, gentle personalities and the entire vibe put me at ease.

My treatments were perfectly timed, beginning with a soothing aromatherapy massage with a variety of essential oils to choose from. Jennifer is very skilled, and I have to say that the massage she gave me is among the best I’ve experienced. Jennifer led me directly from the massage to my facial. Melissa is not just a pro at running a fined-tuned business–she is also a very skilled skincare specialist. After the treatment, my skin felt soft, supple, and brand new.

I did not want to leave my little 2-hour vacation; it was that good. And I certainly will not wait until my next birthday to schedule another appointment at Anew You. I will return sooner rather than later, and you should, too.”

~ Carra G.

“Very clean small spa. Melissa is extremely welcoming and friendly. I never write reviews, but I love that I felt welcome and no one was snotty. I had a great facial, very relaxing. Going back for a massage!”

~ Katie N.