La Bella Donna Mineral MakeupLa Bella Donna Mineral Makeup

Not all minerals are created equal. La Bella Donna mineral makeup is a natural alternative to chemical makeup. This insures the health of the skin as well as the body. It provides flawless, natural looking coverage. It provides a full spectrum natural sun block (UVA-UVB) that lasts all day. It does not clog pores (you can work out with it on) and has an incredible staying power… no need to re-apply. Because they are pure minerals from rock, they wash off with the most gentle cleanser and go back into the earth (environmentally friendly). The light refractive quality reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

They are for every age and skin type. They do not contain any ingredient that either adds or takes away moisture; they just simply balance it and balance is the key to great flawless skin. La Bella Donna will correct all skin challenges: acne, dry, rosacea, melasma, eczema, psoriasis. Truly anti-aging, the integrity-efficacy is skincare that just happens to be a gorgeous cosmetic and healthy for the skin.

La Bella Donna’s passion is to provide and maintain the highest quality ingredients to promote healthy skin.